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Events for the weekend of September 19-21

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Balloon Festival in Ferrara
The Balloon Festival in Ferrara is the biggest hot air balloon festival in Italy and one of the most important in all of Europe! This is an event not to be missed by anyone who is fascinated by these big beautiful balloons. Saturday evening at 21:00 there will be a special event in which the illuminated balloons will fly together in a choreographed show set to music.

5-14 September and 20, 21 September

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Mortadella, Please 2014
A festival in Zola Predosa honoring the famous, pink product. On Sunday starting at 9:00 there will be tours of two Mortadella producers. Nothing like meat in the morning! There will also be lots of chances to taste the Mortadella as well as cooking demonstrations and activities for kids.  

19-21 September
Zola Predosa

Sparkling wines of Emilia Romagna at the Enoteca Regionale in Dozza
 A special event happening Saturday evening at the Enoteca Regionale in Dozza where you can try the sparkling wines from Emilia Romagna along with artisan salumi and piadina. There will also be the exceptional opportunity to tour the castle, below which the enoteca is located, at night.

20 September
Vino al Vino
Panzano in Chianti is a small town located in the Chianti area of Tuscany just south of Florence. This weekend local Chianti producers will gather in the town square to show off their wines and pour tastings for all of the eager festival goers. Fifteen euros gets you a glass that enables you to taste as much as you want over the four day festival. When you need to come up for air or more likely food, head over to Cecchini’s Butcher shop for some bread and lard (That’s right! Good old fashioned pigs’ lard mixed with herbs and smeared on crusty bread.).  Also worth checking out are his two restaurants: Dario Doc and Solociccia (for the latter, you will need a reservation which can be made in the butcher’s shop).

18-21 September
Panzano in Chianti

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