About Bella Buona Italia

Bella Buona Italia is a travel concierge service. I love Italy and it has a lot to offer visitors but the problem is that very often the information you can find online can be confusing (or in Italian) and it can be difficult to get a response when contacting hotels, restaurants, and tour operators. My objective with Bella Buona Italia is to take the stress out of planning your trip to Italy. Tell me your interests, what you want to see, and how you like to travel and leave the rest to me. I will create a detailed itinerary for your whole trip complete with hotel and restaurant reservations, transportation, and activities (e.g. wine tasting, cooking class, food tours). Would you like someone to be your guide for the whole time while you are in Italy? Someone to drive you, translate, and generally make your trip worry free? I am available. Do you like to travel independently but are just looking for a few key recommendations? I can also do that. I can be as involved as you would like in your travel planning. Please take a look at the “Services” page to get an idea of some of the services I offer and then contact me (bellabuonaitalia@tiscali.it) to start planning your trip to Italy.

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