Friday, October 25, 2013


Welcome to Bella Buona Italia! My name is Alex and here you will find my adventures in Italy. I live in Bologna, known as the gastronomic capital of Italy, in the beautiful region of Emilia Romagna, known for Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma among many other delicious delicacies. If you cannot already tell, I am passionate (some might say obsessed) with food. I love eating and cooking and you can look forward to lots of Italian recipes. And of course, where there is food there must be wine; although I am no sommelier (at least not yet), I drink my fair share of wine and I will post here what I discover. I also love travelling (I must admit, lots of the times my travel is motivated by food. Truffle festival in Piemonte – let’s go! Chianti festival in Tuscany – I am in!) and I will be including pictures and stories from my travels especially when I travel to places off the beaten path. There are endless things to visit and see here in Italy and I hope to share with you some of the lesser known spots so you can see the vera Italia (real Italy) when you come. Follow along with me and let’s cook, eat, and travel Italy together!

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  1. Alex, I am so happy you are blogging. I will follow! Looking forward to your posts.
    Andria Senini


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